Yana Maizel - Compagnie Errances

Life is a Train Station

or “My Name is Not Carmen!”

Life is a Train Station or My Name is not Carmen! is a theatre flamenco and clown piece conceived and created by Yana Maizel. It deals with the theme of identity, living within and between different cultures; a voyage from Russia to Spain, passing through France. The piece is interpreted by Yana Maizel (flamenco, theatre, clown), by Cristo Cortes (cante and palmas) and alternatively by Dani Barba and Thiago Vasquez (flamenco guitar and musical direction). The performance is in four languages (Russian, French, Spanish and English) with texts written by Yana Maizel, and a poem from the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva.
Life is a Train Station


My Name is not Carmen!, subtly beautiful in form and content (is) a remarkable fusion of theatre and dance, poetry and music, philosophical discourse and personal revelation… This magical [...] and emotionally charged performance, takes us on a journey through the years and across borders, [...] through doubts and fears, dreams and hopes, from the very core of the inner self and through the constant transformations it undergoes during the course of a lifetime; a voyage of self-discovery. [...] It is not by chance that the epigraph for this show comes from a poem by the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva: “Life is a train station. I’ll soon be going where to I cannot say.”
Alena Joukova, Russian Week (Canada)

A unique and remarkable combination of Flamenco and Theatre, which masterfully takes you on a journey between cultures and identities.
Lionel Félix, Toronto International Flamenco Festival (Canada)

Words penned by Yana are interwoven with the poetry and prose of others. She also employs and interesting mix of languages, including Russian, English, Spanish and French, all woven organically into the musical canvas of the performance, which is itself a fusion of various melodies and rhythms, with virtuoso Spanish guitar juxtaposed against Rachmaninoff vocal works and the clicking of heels that is so integral to flamenco.
Julie Nelson, Cadence Canada

The show is a journey from isolation to acceptance, as Maizel finds comfort in her art. When she does finally perform a traditional flamenco dance, her talent, anchored in a burning intensity, is obvious to all. At one point she even manages to speak and dance at the same time, which is a remarkable feat of breath control. [...] This is an intelligent show that has been put together with exquisite care.
Paula Citron, Toronto Dance Review